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Legal Studies Program - East Central University

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Paralegal Program Information

East Central University
Legal Studies Program
ECU Box N-6
Ada, Oklahoma

Tel: 580.332.8000
Fax: 580.436.3329

Baccalaureate Degree


The East Central University at Ada, Oklahoma was established in 1909. It offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. This degree helps you to enter law school and even prepares you to gain an entry level position in a law firm or other law related setting as a legal assistant. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.

A paralegal can perform a number of legal tasks under the supervision of a lawyer. A legal assistant can interview clients, investigate facts and prepare certain legal documents such as deeds and contracts. It is against the law for a paralegal to represent a client or give legal advice. A paralegal can be employed in a private law firm or in public sector organizations such as insurance companies, banks and real estate companies.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies prepares you for a career as a paralegal. The course places emphasis on your analytical and communication skills which are expected to be strong in the legal profession. The legal faculty comprises of attorneys currently practicing law in various organizations, therefore, providing students with practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

East Central University has a Career Development office which assists students to identify and pursue their career goals. The college also offers a couple of scholarships to deserving students, namely the Francisco-Hatchett Endowment Scholarship and the Edward Barton Brooks Scholarship in Government and Law.


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