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Urban Campus - Legal Assistant Program - Des Moines Area Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Des Moines Area Community College
Urban Campus - Legal Assistant Program
1100 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Tel: 515.248.7208
Fax: 515.248.7253

Associate Degree


The Des Moines Area Community College offers an Associate in Science degree in the legal assistant program. Students with prior college degrees may also apply for the Legal Assistant Certificate program. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.

The Legal Assistant program includes some general education as well as legal specialty subjects. The course is taught by attorneys who teach theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject. Students learn about income tax law, family law, torts and litigation. Each student completes an internship program under the supervision of an attorney which allows them to have a hands-on experience of what the job entails.

Graduates of the Legal Assistant program at the Des Moines Area Community College are fully prepared to enter organizations like law firms and government agencies as legal assistants. The college has a program chairperson and a program counselor who are available for any assistance with the studentís education or career plans. As a student of the Legal Assistant program, you can expect to enhance your communication, analytical and technical writing skills.

The college has many clubs that students can be a part of such as the Accounting Club, the African American Student Alliance and the International Club. There is also a Student Activities Council which is a student representative body. There are various activities conducted by the college like Church Day Service, Education Forum and Teen Summit.


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