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Paralegal Education Programs - David N. Myers University

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Paralegal Program Information

David N. Myers University
Paralegal Education Programs
112 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio

Tel: 216.377.2191
Fax: 216.696.6430

Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


David N. Myers University was established in 1848 and is situated in Cleveland, Ohio. The paralegal program at Myers University has been approved by the American Bar Association for the last twenty years. It is also a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education. The paralegal course aims at preparing students to work under the supervision of attorneys to assist with certain legal duties. Upon finishing the course, students can join law firms or other organizations as legal assistants, or they can even go to law school.

The job of paralegals is to assist lawyers in their cases by conducting legal research, drafting legal documents and investigating facts. These are just some of the things that the paralegal program teaches the students. There are three paralegal programs that the David N. Myers University offers, an Associate degree, a Bachelorís degree and a Certificate.

The Bachelorís degree builds upon the Associate degree and students get more in-depth information from this course. Myers University even offers three ways of obtaining a Bachelorís degree, by concentrating on Paralegal Studies, Human Resource Management or Law Office Management. The Certificate program is for those who have already obtained an Associate or Bachelorís degree and want to have the advantage of special training in paralegal education. It is a one year course. At Myers University you have a choice of different courses to meet your specific requirements in paralegal studies.


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