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Paralegal Studies Program - Davenport University - Grand Rapids

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Paralegal Program Information

Davenport University - Grand Rapids
Paralegal Studies Program
415 East Fulton Street
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tel: 616.451.3511
Fax: 616.732.1142

Associate, Baccalaureate Degree, Certificate Program


The main campus of Davenport University is located at Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan, USA. It is a non-profit university that provides master, bachelor and associate degrees as well as diplomas and certificate programs. The University is the largest independent university system in Michigan and northern Indiana that holds classes at various locations in the area.

Davenport University came into being in 1866. Currently, it has around 13,500 students studying for degree courses from 40 different countries. The average class size of 16 students ensures that everyone gets individual attention for their educational needs. Financial aid is available to students who apply. In fact, around 75 percent of full time students receive such aid.

The Paralegal Studies program available at Davenport University is a Bachelor of Science degree. This program is approved by the American Bar Association. This degree builds upon the foundation developed in the Associate of Science degree program and dwells deeper in the areas of litigation, computer applications and legal specialties. Studies focus on communication skills, critical thinking, litigation procedures, legal computer applications and ethics.

Paralegals are involved in providing legal services to clients. However, they do not accept cases, give legal advice, represent clients in court or provide other direct legal services. They work under the supervision of a lawyer. This 120 credit hour Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies prepares students for a job in law offices, government agencies or other law companies.


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