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Paralegal Studies - Community College of Baltimore County

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Paralegal Program Information

Community College of Baltimore County
Paralegal Studies
7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, Maryland

Tel: 410.285.9833
Fax: 410.285.9665

Associate Degree


There are two Paralegal Studies programs offered by the Community College of Baltimore County. One is the Associate of Applied Science Degree and the other is the Certificate program. The Paralegal Studies program has some basic objectives which the students need to achieve.

The Paralegal Studies Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to pursue careers as legal assistants. As paralegals, they are required to possess certain skills such as analytical and communication skills. The program contains many subjects such as law office practices, estate administration, criminal law and bankruptcy. Students learn the functions of judicial and administrative bodies, the court system and job responsibilities of paralegals. This course helps paralegals perform their duties efficiently as assistants to lawyers.

The Paralegal Studies Program is approved by the American Bar Association and is successful in preparing students to secure entry level positions in law firms and other organizations which have legal departments. They can join as legal assistants but cannot practice law themselves as it is against the law to do so.

The Community College of Baltimore County has been a part of the Baltimore community since its establishment in 1957. It provides education to over 70,000 students every year and has over 50 different Associate degree programs and over 100 certificate programs. It offers education at a very reasonable price, compared to other universities in the country.


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