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Paralegal Studies Program - College of Saint Mary

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Paralegal Program Information

College of Saint Mary
Paralegal Studies Program
1901 South 72nd Street
Omaha, Nebraska

Tel: 402.399.2400
Fax: 402.399.2341

Associate in Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


The College of St. Mary is located in the city of Omaha in Nebraska, USA. It is a private Catholic college meant exclusively for women students. The college started operations in May 1955 with 255 students. It offers the only four-year paralegal program in Nebraska that has been granted formal approval by the American Bar Association. This approval means that employers throughout the United States will recognize this degree.

The College of St. Mary offers three routes to a degree in the paralegal field: Associate degree, Bachelor's degree and a Certificate for students who have already earned their Bachelorís degree in another field. Each degree option includes a broadly based liberal arts curriculum plus a required component of law courses. Students study substantive law, legal research, drafting legal documents, litigation and ethics.

The paralegal course trains students to become paralegals or legal assistants. Paralegals usually work as part of a legal team and perform jobs such as case coordination, researching, accumulating evidence, drafting legal documents and interviewing clients. This is done under the supervision of an attorney. Students are also encouraged to take the Certified Legal Assistant Examination for a nationally recognized certification.

Students who complete the paralegal studies course from the College of St. Mary have the opportunity to work as legal assistants at law offices, courts and government organizations. In recent years, paralegals are also being employed by banks and insurance companies. The average annual salary of a paralegal may range from $30,000 to $40,000.


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