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Legal Business Studies Program - Clarion University of Pennsylvania

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Paralegal Program Information

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Legal Business Studies Program
1801 West First Street
Oil City, Pennsylvania

Tel: 814.676.6591
Fax: n/a

Associate of Science


Clarion University of Pennsylvania is situated in Oil City in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. It came into being in 1867 and has around 6,500 students enrolled in courses for an associate, bachelor or masters degree. There is an average of around 26 students to a class with the student teacher ratio being a comfortable 1:19.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania offers an Associate of Science degree in legal business studies at its Venango Campus. This course is just one of three legal assistant programs in Northwestern Pennsylvania which have been approved by the American Bar Association. The program prepares graduates to assist lawyers and their clients in law offices, courthouses and government organizations.

The Legal Business Studies program is divided into three blocks of required courses. The general education and business core classes are required of all Associate of Science candidates. The other courses are specialized legal courses designed to train students in the skills of substantive and procedural law. Graduates of the program may also operate as independent contractors if they are given the authority to do so by administrative, statutory or court authority.

Facilities for paralegal students include a library stocked with law books, computer labs and Westlaw access. Clarion University of Pennsylvania offers student accommodation in the form of co-ed, male and female residence halls. It also offers internship and study abroad programs. In fact, around 98 percent of students who complete a course here get employment after graduation.


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