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Paralegal Program - Chippewa Valley Technical College

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Paralegal Program Information

Chippewa Valley Technical College
Paralegal Program
620 West Clairmont Avenue
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Tel: 715.833.6200, 6475
Fax: 715.833.6470

Associate Degree


Chippewa Valley Technical College is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is a part of the Wisconsin Technical College System. There are sixteen such colleges all over the state. The Eau Claire campus is the largest.

Chippewa Valley Technical College offers a two year Associate Degree program in Paralegal Studies. There are regular classes as well as evening, weekend and online classes for the studentís convenience. Paralegal students need to take online courses so that they are prepared to take on the legal profession which is upgrading itself technologically, with time. The Paralegal program prepares students for a profession as a legal assistant. The course covers all topics required by a paralegal, such as civil litigation, legal research, employment law and real estate law.

The Paralegal program at Chippewa Valley Technical College prepares students to perform the duties expected of a legal assistant. Upon completion of the program, students are able to assist lawyers in drafting legal documents like wills, criminal complaints, divorce and bankruptcy petitions.

It is illegal for paralegals to practice law, but they can work under the supervision of attorneys in organizations such as private law firms, insurance companies and government offices. The Paralegal program helps students to secure entry level positions in such organizations. For admission into this program, there is a requirement to pass a basic skill assessment on the computer known as COMPASS, Computer-adapted Placement Assessment and Support Services.


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