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Paralegal Studies Program - Cedar Crest College

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Paralegal Program Information

Cedar Crest College
Paralegal Studies Program
100 College Drive
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Tel: 610.437.4471
Fax: 610.606.4614

Certificate Program


An hour from Philadelphia, in the suburban town of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is located Cedar Crest College. Founded in 1867, it now has more than 1400 students from all over the United States and from different countries as well. The college offers more than thirty degree and certificate programs, which you can do at your own pace, whether in the daytime, evenings or weekends.

Cedar Crest College offers a Political Science and a History degree, which allow students to be prepared to pursue careers in law, among other things. Theres also a Pre-Law program, which teaches students the basic principles of law and is aimed at preparing them to go to law school.

Students of Cedar Crest College are taught many legal and political issues that help them to understand current society. They are also trained to be analytical in their thinking and to possess excellent communication skills. This helps in preparing them for careers in law. Being a paralegal is an option most of these students have. They cannot practice law but they assist lawyers in their cases by carrying out legal research, drafting out trial notes and analyzing the facts of the case.

Students have to choose to study certain skills such as problem solving, written communication and general research. They also need to choose courses that give them a basic understanding of law and the value of promoting justice.


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