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Paralegal/Legal Nurse Consultant Program - Capital University Law School

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Paralegal Program Information

Capital University Law School
Paralegal/Legal Nurse Consultant Program
303 E. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio

Tel: 614.236.6402
Fax: 614.236.6970

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


TheCapital University Law School is located in the city of Columbus, Ohio. It is sited in the downtown part of the city just a few blocks from the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio Attorney General's Office, a State Court of Appeals, a Federal District Court and the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Together with the 5,000 attorneys practicing in the vicinity, they help in creating a legal environment at the college.

Capital University Law School offers one of the oldest paralegal training programs in the country. Other law related programs offered here are the Legal Nurse Consultant, Court Reporting and Life Care Planner courses. All programs are a blend of classical legal theory and current practice.

The paralegal program consists of seven required courses that include paralegal practice, foundation, legal writing, research, civil litigation, business law, real property and estate planning. The Court Reporting program is a two year course that trains students for the job of a court reporter who works at the boardroom or television broadcasting booth.

The Legal Nurse Consulting Program is meant for experienced registered nurses who are looking to work as a member of a legal team. The Life Care Planner program is a 136 hour program that trains students to interact with lawyers, economists and other rehabilitation professionals. Capital University Law School provides job assistance and internships to all students who make a request.


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