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Paralegal Studies Program - Bucks County Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Bucks County Community College
Paralegal Studies Program
275 Swamp Road
Newtown, Pennsylvania

Tel: 215.968.8227
Fax: 215.504.8509

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Associate in Arts


Bucks County Community College is situated in the city of Newtown in Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1964 to provide two year transfer programs to high school students of the region. The college offers classes at its main campus in Newtown, Upper Bucks Campus in Perkasie, Lower Bucks Campus in Bristol and other countrywide centers as well as through online courses.

The Paralegal Studies course at Bucks County Community College is designed to meet the ever growing need for legal professionals. Programs are offered during the spring, fall and summer semesters. The course is basically a two year Associate degree program. However, students who have already earned thirty college credits of which eighteen are general education requirements may apply for the certificate program.

The Associates Degree program has a minimum of 63 credit hours and spans four semesters. The courses are designed to provide knowledge about legal concepts, legal system, substantive law and procedural law to help students work as legal assistants under the supervision of a lawyer. The certificate program has a minimum of 30 credit hours and is designed for working professionals who are seeking career advancement.

The Paralegal Studies program is approved by the American Bar Association. Bucks County Community College is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also an approved institution of higher education in Pennsylvania.


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