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Paralegal Studies Program - Berkeley College - West Paterson

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Paralegal Program Information

Berkeley College - West Paterson
Paralegal Studies Program
44 Rifle Camp Road
West Paterson, New Jersey

Tel: 973.278.5400
Fax: 973.278.2242

Associate in Arts


A paralegal works in the legal profession as an assistant to a lawyer. The job of a paralegal is to research, analyze and manage the information and facts of a case. He is a legal assistant and not a lawyer. To be a paralegal, there are certain courses you need to attend and upon completion of which you will receive your degree. Berkeley College at West Paterson in New Jersey offers such a degree program which enables you to prepare to enter the legal profession as a paralegal.

The Associate of Applied Science degree program at Berkeley is approved by the American Bar Association. It prepares you for an entry level position as a paralegal. The course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge. You learn the necessary skills required to become a legal assistant such as communication and technical skills. After completion of this program, you will be able to assist a lawyer in cases like family law, real estate and immigration. Berkeley College at West Paterson also offers a certificate in non-credit Paralegal Studies.

Berkeley College was established in 1931. There are seven locations in New York and New Jersey. You even have the option of earning a degree through its online courses. Berkeley College is widely acclaimed for its academic excellence. For the last seventy five years students from all over the world have been coming here to study.


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