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Paralegal Studies Program - Anne Arundel Community College

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Paralegal Program Information

Anne Arundel Community College
Paralegal Studies Program
101 College Parkway
Arnold, Maryland

Tel: 410.315.7432
Fax: 410.315.7054

Associate of Applied Science, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


If being a paralegal is your dream, then you can take the course at the Anne Arundel Community College. This college is located in Arnold, Maryland. It was established in 1961 as a community center for higher studies and held classes in the afternoons and evenings.

Paralegal Courses

In this university, you can study at the Institute for Criminal Justice, Legal Studies and Public Service where you learn theories and concepts. You are provided extensive training on the practical aspects of the profession and thus learn to think critically and apply your theories into practice. There are paralegal certificate and degree programs which are approved by the American Bar Association.

The teachers are leading attorneys, judges and law enforcement officers. You therefore learn the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject. You can choose from classes held during the day, evening or even weekends. There are fulltime and part time courses. All courses are taught in standard classroom formats. Certain special courses are taught in online and television formats.

The Institute for Criminal Justice, Legal Studies and Public Service organizes lectures and seminars for students and professionals alike. One such event is the Juvenile Justice Conference which is held annually. There are various payment plans through which you can choose to pay your tuition fees at your convenience. The Anne Arundel Community College offers grants and scholarships to deserving students to enable them to continue with their studies.


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