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What goes in a Resume?

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The typical or classic resume should consist of the following:

1. Personal contact information

Name, address, day and evening telephone numbers, and email address if applicable. You are not required to list to your gender, age or any private or personal information that you feel is invasive. Check your local government under your labor department to see how much information an employer is entitled to ask from prospective employees.

2. Job Objective

This should clearly state the type of position/career and specific role that you are seeking. It should also if possible include the industry and environment that you desire to work in.

3. Work History: Backwards please!

List in reverse chronological order (your most recent job first).

  • Each work experiences should include
  • Company name
  • The dates worked at each company
  • Job title(s)
  • Short concise description of your specific duties and responsibilities for each position that you held.
  • Write using active words, not passive word.
  • Give a clear picture of what your role and duties were. Say it out loud. Does it make sense.
  • Always clarify what you mean!

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