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What goes in a Resume?

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Keep your resume on a diet!
Try to avoid the temptation of padding your description with extra non-descriptive adjectives that in the end don't tell your possible future employer what the true nature of the duties of a given job was. Make it easy for the person to understand and digest what you are trying to say. They are going to read it once before they make a decision to grant an interview. It's crucial that you keep it clear and understandable.

4. Summary of Qualifications

Specify the number of years and/or months of experience you have in any relevant field, along with your accomplishments and skills. This should include only skills that are more relevant to the job you are applying for.

5. Education

  • List all of your degrees and/or certificates.
  • Include and significant courses or seminars you attended.
  • The educational institution you attended.
  • Any other specific training that has influenced and enhanced your career.

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